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A unique and powerful independent rapper, I.T. emerges from the Tri-State. His surgical flow, sharp lyrics and songwriting versatility are some of the traits that make I.T. stand out as a special artist on the rise. I.T. takes pride in being a “true emcee” while he displays his eclectic personality over a variety of music from his production team.

I.T. (a.k.a. Infinite T) is a New York-born, New Jersey-bred big dreamer. Flashback to 2005, fourteen-year-old Travis Meade was recording mixtapes and selling them out of his middle-school locker, determined to be a self-starter. Fast forward to now, he has dropped 3 independent projects, a slew of singles, and all have been well-received.

I.T. blends his witty word play with catchy melodies on his newest album “Push That Button” (2019). This latest project is a head-knodder from top to bottom. “Push That Button” delivers a satisfying lineup of trap, autotune, club, and RnB-inspired songs about love, sex, and fun. ItsBizKit writes “New Jersey rapper I.T. is bringing some major bounce, unforgettable lyrics, and addictive love songs.” See for yourself



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